12 June 2007

Intramarketing : New Age Marketing Tool

It is an alternative approach to enterprise development techniques in market economy situation. The traditional marketing developed from economic theory describing large markets and large companies. However, the less the company, the worse traditional marketing methods work. Something is too expensive and something does not work at all. We observed these problems in practical work and were looking for the ways to overcome them. We found out that for small and medium scale businesses in rapidly changing Indian market conditions a totally different marketing ideology is needed, which would employ fully the unique opportunities the smaller enterprises possess.

How does traditional marketing regard your enterprise? As one of market objects, which releases to this market goods or services of particular price and quality. For Intramarketing an enterprise is a part of complex dynamic system, formed by intersection of myriads of human minds, thoughts and actions. Intramarketing realizes how these intersections connect an enterprise through thousands of visible and invisible connections with the rest of the world, whereas traditional marketing does not discern them. Therefore, Intramarketing can employ subtle, accurate and efficient methods beyond the reach and comprehension of the traditional marketing. We do not discard classic, but regard it in a new way and complete the classic technologies with our new and non-trivial tools.

Intramarketing is designed for practical work, therefore it gives guidance in four principal practical marketing tasks:

It says how to conduct research of an enterprise-market system,
It clarifies how to project the development of this system and
to formulate objectives properly,
It says how to influence the dynamics of an enterprise-market system,
It shows how to find solutions for practical marketing problems.

Intramarketing locates at the junction of three branches of knowledge:

Classical marketing
Cybernetics and nonlinear systems theories
Cognitive psychology

Intramarketing is not a collection of precepts but a method of productive thinking over complex economic and social system, such as an actual enterprise is. If marketing can be done in traditional ways, the Atelier ER shall not be inventing a bicycle. We are not aspiring to being original. But if traditional marketing fails to work or is too expensive, then Intramarketing takes the scene and usually it leads to solution which may seem even eccentric, yet are more often perceived by our clients as interesting and creative. In actual fact these are not the display of our peculiar ingenuity but the outcomes of Intramarketing logics.

Intramarketing is developing. We still know little. The peculiar language and style of Intramarketing are being formed. It is only five year old, but judging from experience it seems to go far.