18 December 2007

Top 10 Forces Behind New Business Models

The following 10 issues represent the new issues behind business formation and creating hyper-competitive business models of the future.

  • Aggregation: The tendency towards mainstreaming of "demand aggregation" where aggregation is no longer driven by supply. In new models, demand is first aggregated by giving things away and then demand is exploited.

  • Knowledge Worker Productivity: The critical issue to being able to leverage your organisation's core competencies in real time. If you want to optimise your enterprise start here. Peel away everything and allow your knowledge workers to do what they do best, more of the time.

  • Networks:The knee-bone is connected to the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone. Every form of network will become self-enabling to contact, communicate and share information with other networks, forming a vast complex global brain - nothing new here. However what will be, are the things that the networks will create, specifically intelligence (look out Gardner, the "9th" form of intelligence) or networking intelligence.

  • Complexity: Incredibly simple. Layers and layers of technological complexity have created, yes, layers and layers of all forms of complexity. A simple gas pump talks to our car while we refuel and the data is downloaded to a database that triggers service, marketing and additional complex transactions--never before imagined.

  • Connectivity: Everything we do will be recorded, catalogued and "served-up" from everything to our toaster, automobile, children's progress in school to real time appliances that work in the background to make decisions for us. We will be constantly in contact with anyone and everyone, even those we choose not to be in contact with.

  • Value: Value will direct everything! People will jump brands, organisations and friends for higher value in their lives. Reducing risk will be a moniker of perceived value.

  • Self-Leadership: We used to rely on organisations to provide leadership to the masses and since the organizational structure has now become fluid and ubiquitous through connectedness, self-leadership will pervade all growth and adaptability, in fact it will become living leadership.

  • Learning: Kind of tongue-in-cheek here, but a learning competency will far exceed our ability to know, as one requires investment and the other requires ability.

  • Light Speed: Not only because light offers increased bandwidth for data movement, but that things in the environment will literally change before your eyes, in real time.

  • Personal Customisation: It follows with our ability to change the environment through all of those connectivity issues, it is clear that we literally will customise every experience for the person involved, right before their eyes. Customised marketing, service delivery and communications will all be controlled by ERM (Enterprise Relationship Management) Systems and inter-developmental databases.