16 March 2008

Business Plan For Biotech Web Portal

This Business plan conceptualize the strategic impact of new Internet Technology in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical firms. It shows that competitiveness of modern, agile Biotechnology businesses depend on their ability to create and commercialize new knowledge as much as on their ability to produce new products. Hence, knowledge production and intellectual property management provide a strong foundation for emerging, successful e-commerce strategies.

The Business plans shows Knowledge Management (KM) plays a key role in determining organizational performance levels and value creation. Knowledge Management (KM) refers to technologies for processing information and generating and distributing knowledge, but also to organizational structures (such as virtual enterprise designs) that increase strategic fit and effectiveness of Knowledge Management (KM) implementations.

The Internet is seen as core technology enabling the creation of organizational networks (virtual teams, virtual customer-supplier communities). More specifically, this business plan (wwww.smartbiobrain.com) devises a new classificatory framework that categorizes the strategic impact of internet technology in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, which is based on three key dimensions, converting information into knowledge, the redesign of the innovation process, and knowledge-oriented organizational structuring. The Plan extends their framework beyond the boundaries of the firm to include relationship with customers, suppliers, intermediaries such as specialist Biotech companies and healthcare professionals.

www.smartbiobrain.com is predominately a B2B site targeted at the professional executive and researcher. Our business visitors are active in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries; in both commercial and public research organizations. Senior management and researchers use the site to search for competitor information (Bio corporate) and news (Bio News), specialized research (in depth and Bio Web) and sources of professional market research reports (Bio Reports).The highlights of this plan are the targeted gross margin and sales-revenue. The targeted gross margin and sales-revenue for each of the first three years of this plan. These targets are attainable through a proactive approach to the Online & Offline Marketing activities, Strategic Internet Alliances with service provider to reduce competition, improve pricing, and reduce risks.

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