23 May 2008

Indian Online Industry: Myth & Facts

“A journey of a thousand sites begins with a single click.” The rate of the Online Industry growth in India has been and continues to be exponential. The dawn of the internet era opened up amazing new possibilities. Impossible is not a word anymore! India has also joined the bandwagon and the numbers themselves do all the talking.

The Indian government declared 2007 the "Year of Broadband," setting a goal of 20 million broadband users in 2010. However, eMarketer expects India to reach just over half that target, or 10.5 million broadband households by 2011. The Internet Penetration in India is 20 % in 2007 and expected to increase by 5 % for next financial year. The number of home Internet users in India grew 19% between April 2006 and April 2007, and three out of four urban Indians now have broadband.
(Ref: http://ksujay.blogspot.com/2007/06/internet-population-nears-700m.html#links)

Now that we have come to terms with the tremendous scope of internet marketing in India, we have to understand that marketing through the internet can be an entirely different ball game. In fact it is a potent combination of technology and marketing acumen.

The consumption pattern of Indian consumer changing rapidly, it’s really take 360 degree turn in recent years. The way Indian consumer adopt the online purchasing and using Internet for daily usages is amazing. Their online involvement in purchasing, social interaction, and entertain is huge. (Ref:
http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/top_sites?cc=IN&ts_mode=country&lang=none )

Indian consumer look very forward for more transparency, Clean transaction, Detail information, Low cost and Time saving products and User Friendly Online application, which is very good significance for online industry. The awareness about technology and the technical understanding in consumer increase rapidly. Here are few forces, which really push the online industry ahead.

· Globalization
· Government Policy
· Youth Empowerment
· Affluent Workingwoman.
· Technology Transfer
· Fast & Western Life style.

When we discus about the bright future of online industry, we must not ignored few traits and facts which impact on the growth of online market.

The domination by one organization in online industry is really stagnant the whole business or harm for the overall growth, the reader is point out what I wanna to say, if micro and yahoo merge in future then the scenario get very Global and competitive.

The regional language domination might be impact globalization and one village concept. (Increasing influence of local language like, French, Hindi, Portugal, chines Etc in online application)

The political Stabilization and their policy for Internet Industry play an important role in India in future. India to reach its online potential, the government needs to liberate the telecommunications sector, though wireless access technologies may also provide momentum.

The Cyber crime is very sensitive issue and rally impact in India online industry. The recent cyber crime indulge the image of Indians in global space.
http://cybercrime.planetindia.net/) The transparency and strict law may be play very crucial role in Indian online industry.

This means the potential of an online business is several folds higher than a physical business. Physical businesses have limited exposure and are constricted by local environment whereas online business has unlimited boundaries and unlimited exposure.

Let see how we Indian explore this opportunity and make a global impact.