16 June 2008

Offline Marketing for Online Business

People think that when their business is done completely, or mostly online that their marketing should also be done online. The truth is that offline marketing for an online business can be just as effective as online marketing efforts.

Offline marketing includes advertising your online business in places like newspapers, magazines, flyers, and banners. Electronics media or business cards. Sure it is also important to advertise online, but by advertising offline as well, you have an advantage over the majority of online business owners who only advertise online. You are reaching a larger market, and your advertising efforts will stand out. On the Internet, people see a slew of ads constantly running, constantly nagging them to buy this or that product or service. By advertising offline, your ad stands alone, and is unique, without a bombardment of other online ads as a distraction. The offline ad campaign of zapak.com and Ads2book.com is a classic example how one should apply offline advertisement for online business. There are people looking to make extra money everywhere!

As far as newspapers go, don't just stop at one paper. Choose your local papers, but also consider newspapers from different cities and towns! Spread yourself out! The easy thing about newspaper classifieds is that you can even order online for many newspapers. If not, it is a simple phone call, and ads are very inexpensive. If you are consistent enough in your offline advertising efforts, you may pick up sales. The key is to do it consistently, so that people see your ad not once, but every day for a month.

Handing out flyers at local restaurants or coffee shops, posting flyers in a condo building, and handing out your business card with your URL on it are also very effective methods of advertising. One must not forget the power of offline networking. This includes telling your friends and family and everyone you know about your business.

Keep in mind when offline advertising what it is that you want to achieve. You want to grab people’s attention, and motivate them to take action. Once they do take action, you want to follow up with them to build a relationship and keep them coming back for more. It is wise to read up on how to write good ad copy to ensure that you are grabbing people’s attention in a way that encourages them to respond.

The great advantages and power of offline marketing should never be underestimated. Just because this is the internet-age does not mean that traditional methods of advertising have gone out of style! You can make a fortune by combining your online marketing efforts with your offline marketing efforts!

Offline Networking
Generate Traffic
Produce Sales
Increase Profit

Onetime Consumption Pattern
Restrict To Viral Effect
High Investment.
Expose Technology And Strategy Intelligence.