11 July 2008

BigFlix: is it another NetFlix ?

If you are in India you can probably see 100s of advertisements for the newly launched DVD rental service BigFlix. Looks like after Big FM this is Anil Dhirubhai Ambani's next 'big' thing.
.If you note the ADAG also has a major stack in DTDC and their delivery woes are gone before we think about it. By launching the website, Reliance ADAG wants to tap the estimated 25 million non-resident Indian (NRI) population and the large non-Indian consumers of Indian entertainment content.
Nearly 1,000 of the BIGFlix's estimated 15,000 movie titles, music and other Indian entertainment content would be available for the users to download on the website, launched early this week.
Two models of movie downloads have been introduced. One is a streaming model through which the contents are available for free viewing. Users having a fast broadband connection can view the content instantly.
The other is download-to-own model, in which contents are available for a fee ranging from $2-$10. Besides Hindi and English, the website will offer a variety of regional movies, music and television contents - in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Marathi.

With a view to safeguarding the downloadable content, BIGFlix has tied up with Entriq, a company that provides content protection service through Digital Rights Management (DRM), issues licenses and provides access control to prevent misuse.
Meanwhile, in order to popularise the website, BIGFlix has started innovative advertising campaign, "Ab Aam Zindagi Ban Jaye Filmi" on television.What do you think about it? Is it another hit business idea or a dud one?

"For me Cannot say for sure at this moment!! As with the services and pricing its nothing great !! I don't know bout the other cities but in Pune we have tons of options for the rental, which include some players like Planet M, Local Vender’s, etc. The Multiplex experience is not that much of expensive, even u can found pirated version on all new & old title by roadside.. (and cost is to low as compare to service provide by bigflix)"

So as far as Pune is concerned BIGFLIX is just another wannabe in the business !!

Though the advanced step taken by ADAG to launch movie rental portal, as being online marketer I am very optimistic about the Online Business Model of bigflix which is shaking all the established physical sales model. The proactive marketing and net driven approach is highly appreciated. Due to such online application the Indian consumer get matured with online application as well as made a valuable change in their consumption pattern. Through this launch ADAG create a new online business possibilities & giving Indian consumer a realistic online purchasing experience.