17 July 2008

( i ) Yureekah:Search Engine For Online Media Professionals

Yureekah – an innovative search engine that enables media planners and ad network guys to keep a track of where particular brands are placing their online (banner) ads. You can check out what your competition is doing as well.

Yurreekah is in an alpha stage. The product will go into the Beta stage soon. The company wants to use viral marketing to become the Google for advertisers, media agencies, and small and medium sized business owners by creating a level playing field with respect to research.

Little clarification:
· What about Link Ad & text ad?
· The traffic analysis and click through?
· What about the organic search engine optimization result?

· Media Planner easily concentrated on targets.
· Evaluation of target audiences choice and preferences.
· New opportunity as well as challenges created.
· Time & Money saving.

In terms of Indian online media business the Yureekah move is most pleasant. The online ad resources and budget is very little in India, the Yureekah help the marketer to put forward their best strategy and promote the product. The online marketing budget of companies is increasing due to more in depth of competitor’s analysis and target audience segmentation and preferences. The evolution of target audience’s territory creates new opportunities for new online business models, may I say more customer driven.

I am little optimistic about the Yureekah services; let’s see how they handle the rapid technology change and customer satisfaction as well as on high expectation platform.