11 September 2008

It's a New Day, It's a New Start, Affiliate Marketing Challenges & Opportunites

Yesterday we were celebrate small get together office staff and our head office member who was in Pune for routine visit. It' was a Wednesday, not a really weekend type of party, we were gather at our company guest house and made our own food, the usual stuffs (Tonic,Diet) & also including entertainment stuffs like Antakshri and Dumsheraj (which is very common in india) even we was discuss a lot about our daily work and how we market it with our targeted audiences, the healthy discussion with boss about new challenges and opportunities face by online pharmacy.

Which was a really brainstorming activity for us at that time, even boss was not in the mood to discus about routine work, when we are in party, somehow we touch the affiliate marketing challenges we face with our product portfolio. Online pharmacy has relied on affiliate marketing as a key selling strategy for nearly as long as e-commerce itself has existed. But the relationship between marketers and their publisher partners has become more complex during the process and targets.

Parasite Marketing, CAN-SPAM, keyword competition, and growing concerns about fraud, does affiliate marketing still make sense as an investment for merchants?

One way that marketers have responded to changes in the industry is by pairing down the size of their affiliate networks -- giving them more direct control over their publishing partners and how their brand is managed.

That helps to cut down on a potentially unmanageable number of partners, brand-damaging activity by rampant affiliates, and cases of fraud. And in some cases, it can actually improve the return on investment from affiliate marketing.

Very fewer affiliates means that a merchant can keep a close eye on how sites handle their brand, while spending more time helping them to boost sales -- which can have a positive effect for both publisher and advertiser.

Affiliates can do a lot of things that can't normally be done by merchant, we’ve seen search become really important for our clients. E-mail was a big factor in delivering volume for affiliate programs. Search has taken up where e-mail has left off, and affiliates doing search arbitrage are delivering the volume that e-mail used to deliver.

We almost finish with our long discussion, someone call us for participating in Antakshri and first song repetitively buzzes on my mind which was….. Here I am .......It's a new day, its new start........