03 September 2008

Online Ad Revenues Keep Climbing

Google had strong financial results for Q2 2008, and online ad revenues for the top four Internet portals (Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL) will continue to grow through the US economic downturn. In fact, eMarketer predicts that Google's online ad revenues will increase by 27.4% in the US in 2008.

The top four Web portals in the US still account for more than one-half of all online advertising revenues.

Even as Google's main competitors—Yahoo!, MSN and AOL—take in smaller shares of the entire US Internet ad market, 25.7% of all US online ad dollars will flow through those three portals, in contrast to 30.7% for Google alone.

Among the top four portals, Google's share of online ad revenues nearly doubled to 57% in 2007 from 30% in 2004.