10 September 2008

Share of Voice : Online Media Marketing

These days are really color full for Puneties, in terms of celebration of lord Ganesha Festival. Every single corner, every road and the heart of the city get flooded with people and more people. Every one wanna to celebrate the joy and cultural rituals, everywhere is a common voice, Ganpati Bapa Morya ......Ganpati Bapa Morya. What I was observed yesterday night....? On the same flooded roads, through the same intensity, with the same faith and endless hope, a 12 yr young boy sold the flutes, and try to share his voice with the best of his skill, try to attracts attention of his target audiences.

"Share of Voice" should just be removed from every polite form of conversation. Or at least be replaced with the more accurate "Share of Noise".

"Share of Voice" is not about the customer. It's about the branded shouting match that annoys us every time a movie gets interrupted. That makes us flip needless pages to keep reading that article. That makes us wonder which radio station we're actually listening too, as all commercials sound the same.

Share of voice lives in a world where "the louder you shout the better it is"

In an age where we finally figured out it is about conversations and customer focus, this is simply non-sensical. There's proof in many markets that the GRP's you buy - or even the awareness you create - often have no influence at all on the sales number. So the chance that share of voice will have a significant impact, is pretty slim.

That is why I submit we should exchange the concept of "Share of Voice" by the concept of "Share of Conversation". Which share of conversation does your brand capture in the market place? Do people "care" enough about you to actually talk about you? Because we know that if they do talk (well) about you, you will sell more.

If you can prove that maintaining your advertising expenditure, great, can do this! But most of the online media plans I've seen don't come near this type of thinking. Instead, they simply contribute to the maximization of pointless noise and media commissions.

Stop the Noise, Start the Conversation.