04 October 2008

Online Marketing : Traffic Gimmiks

Online marketing is simply a means to boost traffic to your site. There are a myriad of ways that this can be accomplished, and most of them are relatively easy to do. The downside is that you may have to spend some time working on your site, and you may have to sink some money into your site before you see any dividends. However, if you have the patience, it’s not like you’ll have to invest thousands of dollars, and the rewards of online marketing are potentially well worth the initial investment.

The Importance of Links:
Most of the search engines use links as a way to rank your site. It’s in your best interest to use reciprocal links, which will help search engines find and index your site.

No, the title wasn’t meant to sound dirty! One of the very first things you should do in order to have your site indexed is to submit your site to the major search engines. Really, only Google, Yahoo and MSN are important. Once your site is indexed within these vaunted search engines, the smaller ones will find you. Don’t get sucked in to fancy advertising campaigns that promise to submit your site to hundreds of search engines for a fee. The process is easy, and can be done by you for free.

Article Directories:
Article directories are a great tool for online marketers. Previously it was mentioned that links are a great tool, and by inserting your link into your articles, you also build more links to your site. You can write your own articles for submission, or hire a professional writer to write them for you. If you’re not that great of a writer, you might consider hiring a ghostwriter. It may cost you a few bucks, but it’s better than having articles floating around with your name on it, that are riddled with typo’s.

Keywords and Content:
Your site should be interesting and well written. On top of that, you need to do some research into keywords. Search engines use keywords to rank your site, so you better know what the best ones are! However, don’t have too many keywords, or you’re likely to drive your visitors away. Try to incorporate your keywords seamlessly, so that your visitors aren’t even aware that they’re there.

Online forums are a great way to encourage customer interaction. If you participate in the discussion, you can also build your reputation as an expert in your field. You can also cash in on the opportunity to constantly upgrade your site with new material. The forum can give you some great ideas when you’re trying to come up with new content, and every time someone comments in the forum, you essentially get new content.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to excel at online marketing. Patience, perseverance and motivation are online marketers best tools. Learn the basics, and watch as your web site takes off.