12 October 2008

The Return on Investment for Online Marketing: PPC or Affiliate ?

Which gives the best return on your investment - Pay per Click advertising, or building strong affiliate partnerships?

Our in house affiliate Program, which is the best of niche industry. When we discuss about how PPC campaign effect total affiliate marketing as well as the promotion of our websites. The cost incurred for PPC is really worth For ROI or the affiliate marketing itself is better option for our online pharmacy business.

Building and maintaining strong PPC campaigns is becoming increasingly difficult in what has become a very competitive marketplace.

At the same time, many companies report poor performance with their affiliate programs. The question we asked ourselves is this:

If companies invest sufficient time and effort to develop strong affiliate programs, can affiliates deliver a better ROI than PPC advertising?

Instead we are suggesting that a strong affiliate program can deliver additional revenues with a very favorable ROI. Also, with skilled affiliates working on your behalf, and with some of them using PPC advertising them; you can extend the reach of your total PPC exposure, and reduce your PPC costs.

That is to say, many affiliates will be running their own PPC campaigns to attract the same traffic you have been fighting for yourself. They will then refer the most qualified of those visitors to your site, in the hope of achieving a sale and earning a commission.

One approach to take when searching for top affiliates is to look for good content-driven sites. Many top affiliates have websites that are content-centered, instead of ad-centered. These affiliates will attract traffic and qualify it through their website and content before sending it on to you.

In the beginning, some of these site owners may be skeptical about becoming an affiliate. They may fear alienating some of their visitors, or may be suspicious of the payout terms or their ability to make a profit.

One way to approach these kinds of owners is to buy advertising on their site. If the results are positive for you, approach them about becoming an affiliate and be candid about your stats. You want them to know exactly what they are signing up for.

The objective is to partner with happy affiliates. Someone who is satisfied with the program and your company is going to send you much more traffic, and put more thought into their own campaigns, than someone who feels they have been misled.

Pay per Click campaigns can still be a strong channel for many online marketers. As with any channel, the higher the level of your expertise in this area, the better your results will be.

If you plan to implement or improve an affiliate program to increase the overall ROI of your marketing efforts, keep in mind that many affiliate programs fail. And they fail because companies do not invest enough time and resources in research and program management.