10 January 2009

Marketing in 2009

Non-intrusive Marketing:
We have permission, viral and inbound marketing already to name just a few ways of marketing without the in your face appearance of advertising. Still all those practices are nonetheless recognizable as marketing and thus sometimes annoying or unable to get the message through. In 2009 non-intrusive marketing will be more and more providing information you need, where and when you need it.

Combination of CRM, Web Analytics and SEO:
Already services and apps like GoodBarry or DemandBase combine customer relationship management with web analytics and SEO. Business owners who won’t make the connection between those three will lose out on leads compared to their competition.

Social Media Strategy:
While social media still is regarded by some new to it as the quick drop in and shout place most marketers have by now noticed that it does not work that way. Yes, instead of short sighted push tactics you need a long term social media strategy which pulls your customers and makes them embrace you for the value you offer.

Emerging Markets:
Emerging markets that is non-US, Europe or Japan will finally be more lucrative than the good old western hemisphere. Due to the market crash, demographics and countries like India, China and Brazil catching up we’ll see products geared towards other audiences than “us”. Prepare new language versions for your site.

Online Video:
Online video will finally become the most important medium online like in real life where TV is more powerful than the print press. We’ve seen cameras sold for less than 100$ in 2008, new models only slightly more expensive already offer HD video. We have millions of people using those plus sites like YouTube and Vimeo sporting higher quality videos plus even MTV going online with their archives.