07 January 2009

Online Marketing Trends for 2009

Year 2009 is going to be the major challenging year for many business because of the economic slow down and crisis. But online marketing seems to set a good growth rate in future. As an online marketer I did a search in order to identify 2009 online marketing trends and came across with some good trends published in strangecorp.com. I hope these are really fantastic points

There are 16 important strategies, which every Internet marketers must have to take care of.

1. Due to the reason that more and more marketers will go online to search new avenues of generating business, the Cost per Acquisition will increase. Marketers have to pay more for PPC as more advertisers will fight for the same keywords.

2. Advertisers have to focus on conversion. That is the only solution they can manage the effective CPA

3. Online traffic will increase, as more and more people will prefer to buy online in search of better and cheap deal. Online sales will skyrocket in the time of recession.

4. Customers will be attracted to high quality websites and creative which encourage them to visit the merchant and make the purchase decision

5. Internet Explorer will revolutionize the way the internet marketing business is being done. IE 8 will block cookies, which is the base of many methods of internet marketing.

6. Cost per Action/Acquisition (CPA) will emerge as the best method of customer acquisition as compared to CPC and CPM.

7. People will be more concerned with data privacy

8. Qualitative analytics will have great emphasis on marketing.

9. Mobile marketing will be flourishing.

10. Search will be more localized.

11. RSS will a strong medium of distributing marketing information.

12. Google will change its algorithm and will focus more on the customers' past history.

13. Net Books (Special Laptops designed for browsing), will control the market as browsing will be the most popular activity on computers.

14. User generated contents will be king. According to a research by Universal McCann in 2008, 14% people trust advertising and 78% trust the user recommendations that may have used the products or services.

15. Social media opportunities will be expanded. Blogs, forums and social networking sites will be play a crucial role in marketing.

16. Applications Programming Interface (APIs) are becoming more and more popular among web developers.

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