10 January 2009

Social Media and Blogging

Over Saturation:
While already in 2008 we’ve seen stagnation in user numbers on the major networks, we’ve seen plenty of new sites appear and get their share of users. The need is near though. Most users willing to use social web applications are already oversaturate. Second rate sites like Pownce or Me.Dium which already gave up or changed their business model will thus disappear.

Services on Top:
While conventional time consuming social sites adding work load to it’s users won’t thrive anymore due to over saturation more and more new services will have their break through that use the existing data and activity for it’s own apps. What does that mean? You won’t have to submit to Digg, you’ll become automatically popular on Microblogging Buzz or elsewhere due to tweeting. People won’t solely watch biased vote biased sites but the real activity on social networks.

Blogging a Must:
While 2008 was still a year you had to convince people in business to blog in 2009 blogs will be standard and those not having one will simply fall behind. With social media and blogs being even on the forefront of a successful presidential campaign business owners who are just aware of the Internet solely offering storefronts and static pages full of corporate and sales gibberish will lose like McCain did.

Bloggers will Organize:
With the increasing professionalism, stress and bad pay as well the danger of being sued or even jailed for blogging, bloggers will start organizing and strike back.

Social media Metrics:
Relationship and social authority measurement will finally surface. Social media influence and success will become measurable and thus make short term tactic like link baiting less attractive than long term engagement. The technology has already been patented and several solutions are being prepared.

Social Commerce:
E commerce and online shopping will become more and more blogging and social media. Conventional online shops offering no way of socializing and feedback will fall behind.