10 February 2009

E Marketig for Pharma - To Increased Market Share and Stronger Brands for Measurable ROI

The old model was based on a robust sales approach, with scientific metrics and clear inputs and outputs. The future sales and marketing model is a softer, less definable place, where pharmaceutical firms must learn to manage their reputation and trust amongst their customers. Technology will play an important part as a sales force enabler, not a replacement.

Resource Allocation and Multi-Channel Integration: The burning issue of peoples minds: how to get the balance right between eCommunications and traditional channels? Are there competence based systems for making sure the whole marketing campaign works together and complements sales.

Physician Relationship Marketing and eDetailing : With sales force reps decreasing in numbers and efficiency, the move to relationship marketing and boosting the return on eDetailing are unquestionably a major focus of Pharma.

Talking with your patients through Web 2.0 and New Media: Possibly the murkiest area of healthcare at the moment, Pharma needs to know how to leverage the exceptional power of Web2.0, online communities and engaging new media.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing: How to triumph in eSpace. This is a highly competitive, emerging area that could make the difference to a brands marketing campaign.

Web Analytics and eMeasurements across channels: Datamining, building useable websites from captured data and measuring the impact of eChannels are a preoccupying problem for everyone involved and only hard facts will help.

The new hope for pharma marketing has been shown by technological development now it’s up to us how to integrate the technology with traditional business model to survive in to digital world.