23 February 2009

Affiliate Marketing Services India

E – Sujay offers Affiliate Marketing Services and affiliate marketing solutions for Merchants and Publishers wishing to advertise their products/ services online. E – Sujay offers professional Affiliate Marketing strategies ensure that your business gets all the visibility at the right platforms; whereby amounting to increased lead generation and ROI enhancement.

For Merchants:
  • Defining a suitable Affiliate Marketing strategy and program
  • Deploying Affiliate marketing solutions and software in case of own network
  • Identifying and Subscribing to potential publisher advertising networks
  • Tracking Performance of Affiliate Network along with weekly reporting
  • Recruitment of new affiliates using personalized emails and social network marketing
  • Affiliate Fraud prevention and monitoring services of Affiliate Networks
For Publishers:
  • Suggesting Affiliate program according to your reach and investment capability
  • Find the suitable niche and targeting demography, doing marketing research to launch websiteHelp to design website/blog according to products or services
  • Social media marketing, support and guideline
  • Increase click through ratio and profitability by own active participation

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