11 February 2009

Innovation in the Interactive Space isn't Just About Having Ideas .... it's About Timing Their Execution Just Right.

Yesterday I was visited one of the reputed mobile chains near my home, an idea in my mind was to purchase new handset for my 65 year old uncle. In the process, I check out all premium class products, I really think about the features they are providing, are they really useful for ordinary person. One person stands beside me arguing that he was bought very expensive handset just last week, but which was resulted no use for him because the process is quite complicated to understand for non techno savvy persona. Though he has ability to purchase premium segment product, but service provider is failed to aware him about the latest technology and unable to provide support.

The innovative product is not all time blockbuster but few time it lost brand faith as well as brand loyalty.

Innovation in the interactive space isn't just about having ideas -- it's about timing their execution just right. There's no sense in launching a campaign on a digital platform that has yet to achieve acceptance among the target audience. And yet, when campaigns are timed correctly, brands can position themselves as cutting-edge competitors by tapping into an emerging technology at the precise moment it hits the mainstream.

But pounce too early and a tremendous amount of effort -- not to mention money -- may go to waste.

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