12 February 2009

Love in Times of Recession -- Repression = Boom in Online Purchasing

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches, but there's precious little you can do when your pockets are empty, isn't t it? And to top it off, the moral brigade is on red (even they can't escape the colors of love!) alert.

What with the economy sputtering and lots of people fretting about how to make ends meet, it's possible that you're thinking theater is a luxury you can't afford. I'd like to suggest that we need a bit of art and perspective more than ever at times like this, but I know that affording it can be a pragmatic issue, when it will associated with online purchasing.

Since first week of Feb, I was wondering, all of sudden there was increase in our online sales for lifestyle products portfolio. When I was checked out previous year record, I come to know that this year even in the recession we are doing very good business, not just only well enough but we broke all time best records. If we study the market trend carefully we observe that the recession is hardly impact on online business model (the dotcom was one major driving force for 2000 recession) though I can say due to recession people turn towards online purchasing, where they get low price product without any difficulty with great transparency. The Online business is in the boom in the recession period and getting matured day by day. I am not directly concluded that all online business model doing well but those who are dealing with essential product segments, they make the differences.

So no wonder, an innovation and necessity when come hand in hand where consumer demand reliability, economical and time saving shopping.

Wish you very special and Lovely Valentine’s Day !!!

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