12 February 2009

Shri Lk Advani’s Online Election Campaign for 2009

Online social media marketing made Obama's victory possible. In his acceptance speech, Obama thanked all US Citizens for helping him win the election. This includes the people on the viral web and his social web marketing campaign. On blogs everywhere, surfers throughout the Internet have been posting updates and information about the election. Some have taken it to the next level by using Twitter, Face Book, YouTube and other forms of social media.

Online political campaign, marketing in the US Presidential elections made a huge difference to the political fortunes of candidates. I am not saying stop kissing babies and door knocking constituents but get with cost effective modern web marketing methods by including web marketing strategies with the mix of all political advertising. These online tools all worked in sync to spread a message of change and inspired us all to vote. Moving into the future with a new President who calls for change, isn't it time you did the same with LK Advani for PM?

.. ..

An online campaign of BJP was recently Launched everywhere on the Indian web context. You might come across with Lk's banner while surfing online. The hidden instinct within my brain never kept me quite. Being an Online Marketing expert, I analyze the strength of Shri LK Advani's online campaign, through study, surfer’s reaction, perception and response, I am landed on no man's land. There are few good signs for Indian Political Arena as well as in concern to Involvement of youth on national agenda is awesome. But in terms of ROI the campaign is not feasible (we marketer always concern & alert about ROI).

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You people again kick on my ass, saying that if someone taking innovative steps to attract youth on the basis of national agenda, why you have stomachs problem. I am not here put forward any party’s political view or promoting any campaign, just analyze where the Indian online industry headed and how it benefited to common man. (now I skip all marketing profit & loss equation aside)

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There are few findings through, Shri LK’s online campaigns which are listed below:

  • Indian youth get aware about their responsibility towards nation as well as attract towards voting process. (The impact of www.jagore.com is significant)
  • The Political Branding is possible through such an innovative campaign.
  • The online communication enhances more online trading opportunity. (Through the involvement of common man)
  • The Standard of Political Community is uplifts in India.
  • After visiting Shri LK's website (http://www.lkadvani.in) every visitor look forward as well as demand such a informative as well as clean online product for every Governmental Institution. ( I hope the functionality of Indian Railway website was experienced by all of us)
  • The Fast viral effect creates positive impact on Brand India.
  • The Global Acceptance and political support can be possible very deeply by online branding. (Recent failure of our govt. to Convince International Political Community on the basis of Terrorism: Mumbai Attack)

Heartiest Congratulation to Mr. LK Advani for taking such an innovative & brave step. All the best for Their Political Journey !!!