10 February 2009

Use Technological Advancement for Potential Customer Aquition not for Lose Them.

Marketing technology doesn't have to be used.

Everyday at around noon, I get an automated telephone call on my cell phone by service provider. It's a recorded message from a company that sells a service that will create these recorded phone calls for business. It's the most irritating interruption to my day. I can't think of a poorer, worster, lamer, (choose your word) marketing plan than to send out unsolicited recorded messages to customers and potential customers.

Why can't marketers understand that just because a technology exists you don't have to use it? I don't mind recorded calls from my DVD library telling me that a DVD I reserved is available. It's performing a service and I can understand it helps the library save money, etc. But a recorded message in sales? I immediately understand that they don't care about me as a potential customer, they're simply trolling the waters. Now, let me think, which customers or potential customers do I want to send that message to ....