19 March 2009

Online Marketing needs Planning and Execution to achieve the Record breaking sales

My daily communication with our affiliate partners is always great experiences as well as new learning opportunity. Providing them all needed support regarding our product and their promotional method must be match with zero degree which converted into good amount of sales which is beneficial both of us. The online Marketing value chain is highly depend upon how you manage your business partner and how you encourage them to bang on market.

One of our affiliate from Europe asks me about his last month Product breaks up. Initially I was very reluctant to provide this information to him not just due to our tracking system not provide details break up per affiliates which is really time consuming process to find out 300 odd orders product break up. Other problem is very critical if our competitors come to know that if xyz demography demand for ABC product or higher conversion rate then they can be easily eat chunk amount of our market share.

But Planning according to your consumer’s preferences and demand you need to devise strategy and target into each demography. I am very impressed with that affiliate who is breaking up his marketing plan according to product wise and time scheduled. The Language plays an important role when you target European demography.

The Sales is not happen automatically through online you have to shout out at right place in front of your potential consumer’s , providing them right and precise information with product review. The reliability and product visibility play an important role in the online purchasing decision. The Targeted demography is change their preferences and choices very frequently. The wise Online marketer know all small changes around the society very well if he want to earn nice amount beans or record breaking sales.