29 April 2009

Digitalization for new age Marketer really break the ice ?

In age of digitalization & rapid communication, social networking, micro-blogging and online -commerce soaring the fever day by day. One would expect clients to be at least somewhat up to date with the goings on in the online marketing arena. Not true though, and in fact, many marketing people still struggle to see the value in online marketing. Or is it just because they are unsure of their knowledge, with online marketing being a scary idea?

Enter the new breed of marketing person. Or maybe, to be fair, the new need.
Online marketing strategies need people to make them happen. Those people need to understand the media. Physical marketing Model needs online or digital marketing managers. Make no mistake, many of the bigger companies in USA and Europe have these kinds of people, but why is it not trickling through to smaller companies, and more importantly, more marketing managers, directors and stakeholders?

Internet penetration has been making huge impact since last two year worldwide. Consumer search online for any of their need as well as willing to purchase in huge amount.

Are we really that scared of this “new” media that we will continue to rely on our knowledge of the three P’s, the marketing mix and what makes a good billboard to get us through?
Hopefully not!

I think it is time that marketing got a little more tech savvy, twitting, digged, hooked up, wired up, delicious, tuned in, plugged in, tweeked, tweeped, stumbled on, facebook’ed, mozilla’d and online.

The benefits would be endless, could you imagine completed briefs, acceptance of quotes (in under a week), understanding of the online development process, milestones, wireframes, web standards and the importance of usability.

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