22 April 2009

‘Live’ Virtual Salesman leading to improved conversion rates for Online Business Model

If you ask any Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager, the importance of sales person for their business model, they immediately replied, without salespersons pharma business is not possible, the new hope for Pharma E-detailing is really shrinking the budget for marketing representative.

About 45,000 doctors meet with detailers using online video, and 300,000 physicians say they are open to doing so, said a September 2008 study from Manhattan Research. This trend is worldwide. Tomorrow, in an exclusive interview with Mark Bard, President Manhattan Research, we will talk about technology adoption and integration trends in physician practices across Asia (see "Taking the Pulse™ Asia: Asian Physicians and Emerging Information Technologies").

‘Live’ Virtual Salesperson is very innovative concept to explain more complex business processes as well as understanding the complex product for in point view of final consumer ‘s needs. Pharma Marketing really get downsized by MR, More practitioner seeking Manufacturers’ Website for getting updated about new launch, Product details, clinical Trials, Formulation, Dosage capacity, working condition etc. MR is not always that much effective to provide such kind of critical information for practitioner. The available time for practitioner is also very critical factor these days, The total ROI on Pharma marketing activity is play an important role, when marketer target short span of time to get benefited.

Conversion Hub, Singapore’s most comprehensive online marketing firm has launched the World’s first ‘Live’ Virtual Salesperson which can greet visitors, talk to them, advise them and even guide them in checking out. Live chat, co-browsing, traffic analytics and joint form filling functions are some of the many capabilities of the Live Virtual Salesperson. Co-browsing and joint form filling allows the ‘Live’ Virtual Salesman to view the same window as your visitor, to guide him/her and to provide assistance with filling up of forms. By co-browsing, the Live Virtual Salesperson can direct the visitor to relevant pages and give personalized recommendations, leading to improved conversion rates. Companies would also be able to unify ticket management with the Live Virtual Salesperson and to schedule follow-up action items should the Live Virtual Salesperson be unable to fully resolve the issue.

The Emerging trends in the field of marketing and sales management, every Business Pharma Business model should adopt rapid change and maintain the knowledge management portfolio up to mark. Integrating the Business process on one platform and providing them business information through new communication techniques is a competitive advantage.