23 May 2009

.. Call to Action: an overview of the principles and tactics of conversion rate marketing

Yesterday I was stuck in traffic jam; our office is located very close to public transport depo. All most 20 min. I stagnate on the same place, before me one Heavy goods carrier lazily waiting for smoothness of traffic. The broad message hang around carriers back is “Horn ok Please”. Within fraction of second being an alert marketing expert, I realized how call to action is important in our daily life.

Call to Action presents an overview of the principles and tactics of conversion rate marketing, the science and art of online conversion, focusing exclusively on helping clients persuade and convert their traffic into leads, customers and sales based on Persuasion Architecture and proven conversion rate optimization techniques. Call to Action will help you understand the roles of usability, information architecture and search engine optimization in the context of conversion rate marketing.

Turn your suspects into prospects:

An attractive marketing is very important to increase your potential customer database. Call to action is important marketing phrase for all an online marketing practitioners, how you create a buzz around their thinking process before buying decison and pull them towards your product or services by pushing your call to action tactics. The design of call to action is depend upon your customer’s characteristics, behaviors and demography as well as how you integrate your marketing efforts and available resources.