27 June 2009

Basics for Email Marketing Strategy

It has become increasingly more difficult to promote a business using e-mail marketing. Spam clogs up in-boxes and most people are quick to delete without reading the deluge of mail they receive.

Nonetheless, e-mail marketing, if done correctly, can be an inexpensive and quick way to reach a large audience. The key is to get people to want to receive your mailings.

• email has increased liability compared to other marketing tactics
• email is the most cost effective means of communicating with prospects
• The many stages of the email funnel
• you must consider the life time value of customers that convert through email
• you must offer something of value to build your email list
• a generic email list is of little value
• The difference between good and bad sign-up forms
• to collect email addresses and grow your list
• to manage your email marketing list
• you should avoid abusing the blind carbon copy
• bulk email programs are not desirable
• an email header is and why you should understand its purpose
• to ensure that your email messages are not blocked by an ISP
• to write emails that avoid the appearance of spam
• to pay for an email service provider
• to choose the day and time to send your email
• you should offer a means for changing email preferences
• the "from" line in your emails should be your company name
• personalized emails are opened at a much higher rate
• to take advantage of the content preview text
• many characters your subject line should contain
• to craft an engaging and honest subject line
• The two questions to ask to create a subject line
• to conduct a subject line test to increase open rates
• schedule the first and second follow ups
• respond immediately after received any feedback, queries, complaint etc.
• call to action should be properly visible and redirected well designed landing page

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