01 September 2009

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Online Marketing Guru - Sujay:
Sujay Khandge online marketing expertSujay Khandge has been written extensively on the impact of Digital Branding and Internet Marketing Strategy. Online Branding, Strategies, Positioning & branding case study analysis blog. Digital Branding & Marketing Strategy crafted by Sujay Khandge through Brand Personality and Brand Architecture to achieve Online Marketing Objective. Day to day digital marketing experience and brand interactions provide inside out information which leads to case studies for other online business models. Sujay's Blog digital branding provide detail analysis and strategic view context to online marketing.   (http://ksujay.blogspot.com)

sujay khandge's photographyEvery photographer has some source of inspiration that drives them to take the photos that they do. Your source of inspiration is that thing that tells you what to photograph, how to compose it, what equipment to use, and when to release the shutter. Everybody has different sources, and therefore, everybody has different photos.Photography is an art, and artists run on the fuel of inspiration. My family, My friends appreciation and Amazing Sahaadri is an inspiration of my photography. (http://my-photo-graphy.blogspot.com)

Sujay's Selected Photo Blog:
sujay khandge's photoblogThe accomplishments of man are amazing, but nature’s beauty is unmatched. There’s something so pure and innocent about it. Nobody invented it, thought it up, or built it — it just is, it always has been, and it always will be. Sure, things change over time, but that doesn’t make it any less natural. I don’t know what it is about pure untouched nature, but it catches our eye. Beautiful scenes and landscapes are out there waiting to be discovered — and if a photographer is there, waiting to be photographed. (http://sujayphotoblog.blogspot.com)

sujay khandge's trekking experiencesTrekking & Hiking is my passion! In fact, many of my friends think I‘m a little obsessed when it comes to Hiking and Trekking. Many times I've trekked across beautiful countryside (the beautiful & amazing Saahyadri). I m a mountain climber and a nature lover. I have been trekking a lot in the Sahyadris and have been to around 46 forts in around Maharashtra.For me trekking is just not a hobby, its an obsession. It gives me a lot of pleasure. It keeps me physically and mentally. For me trekking is like meditation. I would say that keep discovering our own land, you never know how much history is behind. Exploring history gives the clues for future pathway !!! (http://trekexperiences.blogspot.com)

Sujay's Marathi Poems Blog:
Sujay's Marathi Poemsऋनानुबध आपले तसे फार जुने,
आठवणीना ही, आपण ह्या शर्यतीत मागे सोडलेल.
परीचय म्हणटल की मी असा, मी तसा, मी अंमुक, मी तमुक .......
माझा परीचय ...... अबोल शब्द ..... प्रीतीचे हे बंध रेशमी आज !!!
थोडस आडवाटेने, तुमच्या जीवनात पाउलखुणा सोडून जाणारा,
तुमच्याच जीवनातला ...... मी एक सुजय !!!