04 October 2009

Attractive Writting For Social Media

The advent of social media has opened up a wide range of opportunities for non-professional writers like me — and probably you too — to write online. Most of us writing for websites or blogs or posting on Twitter likely aren’t trained journalists. Even professional writers trained for print must learn to adapt their writing style to an online audience who experiences content differently than a print audience.

And social media itself has changed writing online – making it more informal and personal. In fact, when you’re writing online these days, you’re writing not only for your audience but also for search engines and social media sites. Add Twitter to the equation and the need to communicate with only 140 characters raises writing for the social web to a new art form.

In this post, we’ve pulled together a collection of articles with advice on writing for Twitter and the social web. We’ve organized these articles into the following topics - general online writing principles, writing strong headlines, writing for Twitter, and writing for search engines.

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