10 October 2009

Marketing Bio-Tech Products into Digital Age

Bio-Tech products and markets are characterized by high levels of uncertainty. Thriving in the Bio-Tech marketplace requires a mastery of a diverse set of skills and capabilities. From adroitly reading market trends, to investing wisely in future marketing trends and tools, leveraging the skills and capabilities of technical and marketing personnel in a dynamic, interactive fashion, understanding customers intimately, offering a compelling value proposition, developing astute marketing campaigns, pricing with an eye to customer value, and harmonizing distribution channels and supply chains,integrating & optimized utilization of available resources, Bio-Tech marketing managers must be versatile, yet focused, flexible yet determined, tenacious yet open-minded.

Bio-Tech markets as marketing dependent and technologically driven. Unfortunately, there is evidence that this linkage is not often recognized by organizations. Bio-Tech markets are characterized as complex. In addition, they exist under rapidly changing technological conditions which lead to shorter life cycles and the need for rapid decisions. The importance of speed in Bio-Tech markets is driven by increasing competition and the continually evolving expectations of customers.
Following 5 step towards Bio-Tech digital marketing makes the differences.
  • Reach the Right Audience:
Shout out in front of your potential online Bio-Tech customer and get the right response. You don't want to reach out to just anyone with your online marketing messages, you want your messages to reach those Bio-Tech online audiences most interested in what you've sales online.Realize that potential and deliver a more relevant message for your Bio-Tech online target audience by taking advantage of available online resources that offer a wide range of criteria for determining where and when, what and how your message is delivered online, including: audience segmentation; geographic selection and online customer behaviors.
  • Deliver a "Terrific!" Experience:
Create branded, digital marketing experiences that deliver a “Terrific!" experience. With a wide array of online social media, you can make the experience users have with your Bio-Tech online marketing message as deep and engaging as the one they have on your web site.
  • Deliver Integrated Messages:
Not only manage our online marketing tools, but integrate it. Are you sending customers mixed messages? With multiple digital marketing channels to manage across brands and products, it's a challenge to effectively integrate your online marketing communications to achieve one voice for your brand. How can you accomplish a truly integrated Bio-Tech online marketing strategy?
  • Manage Customer Engagement:
Online social marketing helps customers engage with your brand. The more innovative you get with your online marketing and social media plans, it would become easy to identify who is your customers are and how they interact with your brand. Developing a single point of understanding of your customer is the key to smarter online marketing, to better understand your customers and their behaviors.
  • Manage the Process More Efficiently:
Manage the process seamlessly and efficiently. Planning online marketing campaigns can be complicated and tedious, especially when that planning is done offline. As a result of these dynamic market conditions Bio-Tech companies frequently rely on a product focus, which is driven by the innovations in technology rather than by the needs of the customer. This orientation often leads to abandonment of a customer focus; a must in today's globally competitive high tech markets.