15 December 2009

Hyperlocal Marketing Strategy

Hyperlocal Marketing StrategyHyperlocal marketing strategy is a future growing trend in an online marketing world, and which could be readily applied to sponsorship advertising as well ambush marketing practices.

Indian online marketing industry is growing and getting matured day by day, costumer prefer to consume online services or product online, (increase in online banking, Job sites and Matrimonial business). Hyperlocal is, as the name suggests, the effort to focus on extremely local markets. For sponsorship, I apply the term micro-sponsorship to encapsulate both local market activity and sponsorship of small properties that may cover more than a single market. Sponsorship has in essence always been hyperlocal.

If advertiser’s heavy hitters were to turn the tables and focus on marketing to the individual and not to the masses (social connection), they could attain a new level of customer engagement (effective usages of social community) and loyalty that could be applied to larger sponsorships, significantly increasing ROI.

Perhaps more importantly, the smaller audience involved also would make data collection easier, thus enabling better ROI measurement. Smaller, more manageable data sets allow for specific ROI attributes to be identified, tweaked and weighted based on an intimate understanding of the details. A smaller audience and smaller platform make the sponsorship agile enough to expand on successes or to shift focus and address problems.

I am not by any means advocating abandoning high profile sponsorship deals. But instead of diving headfirst into that big money deal, why not test it out on a smaller scale and figure out what works? If you have figured out what works and are already successful, who’s to say you can’t tweak it a little bit to increase returns or even develop the next great idea through micro-sponsorship.

Hyper Local Marketing Edge puts your company in front of new customers and people looking for your products and services.