08 December 2009

Innovation and Online Marketing

Innovation inspired by users needs can be powerful transformational experience, making the online marketing more user centric communication media.

I have been doing a bit of research over the last week to see how innovation and online marketing strategy integrate to buzz around target audiences and how online business model react to innovation process.

Change is the only permanent thing in an online marketing; online marketer should be very innovative to finding new ways to engage with their target audiences and integrate best available resources. To convey marketing message, you should know how your competitors promote their product or services, how customer perceived it and their response to respective marketing process. Innovation in marketing is very must, in the digital age customer demand more innovative and transparent advertising and information, creating brand awareness is not enough, you should be very innovative online marketing concept to engage with their emotions and dream to create demand for your products or services.

Being online marketing experts, you should know very well what is current the demand, how it will change in future, need of your target audiences, their preferences and online behavior and consumption pattern of product or services. An online users demanding more realistic, user friendly and values based surfing experience. If we analyze last few years, how the dot COM industry has been build, develop and grow, you come to know that innovation is the stepping stone behind every online business and their success.

The emerging online market always in demand for technological advancement. Innovation in every aspects and part of business is key to success these days. The service oriented Web 2.0 business model must think innovation in terms of their target audiences future needs and demands.

I really tap into the power of innovation to touch and improve lives, we need to define innovation broadly and integrate with our online marketing channel.

Innovation process in an Online Marketing
I strongly believe if this principal become integral to how companies approach online marketing innovation, we will have innovation that responds the target audiences needs and demands.