07 January 2010

Creating Effective Online Life Science Promotional Campaign

Life science companies are investing large amounts in creating online presence that entertain, inform and call the scientific consumer to action. 65% of scientists believe that life science's Manufacturer or suppliers should adopt website marketing to promote a brand or a product, but life sciences companies need to understand what components of a online marketing will inspire a scientist to do more online engagement.

Many life sciences companies are beginning to embrace social media due to the increasing popularity of the Internet as a research tool. In fact, a survey fielded by The Science Advisory Board and co-sponsored by BioInformatics, LLC and PJA Advertising + Marketing, found that 77 percent of life scientists participate in some type of social media, including blogs, podcasts, wikis, Twitter and Facebook. This survey also found that 72% of life scientists consider company websites to be the most trusted source of information for their purchasing decision.

The first step to become a winner in this paradigm shift in life sciences marketing is to ensure that you have a website that can be found by your target market. The next step is to build a dynamic, engaging website that encourages visitors to reach to you.

To help life sciences companies launch websites that deliver a positive ROI, as part of the campaign, Sujay is offering a free, customized, comprehensive search engine marketing assessment. In addition, Sujay will conduct a 30-minute conference call with each respondent to flesh out the assessment’s findings and recommendations.

Sujay’s search engine marketing assessment looks at five key areas for successful online marketing, and provides up to 10 concrete recommendations to improve your website and online marketing ROI. He looks at:

  1. Usability and Navigation:
  • Is each page no more than a few clicks away from the home page?
  • Is your home page the page with the highest exit and bounce rates?
  1. Search Engine Visibility:
  • Are all the pages within your site index able by the search engines?
  • Have you identified keywords that your target market is actually using to find solutions like yours?
  • Are the correct keywords being utilized in all the right places?
  1. Converting Visitors into Qualified Opportunities:
  • Has your analytics been installed properly?
  • Do you have appealing offers on all your sub pages?
  1. Design:
  • Does your home page do a good job of telling the visitor who the company is/what it does?
  • Does the look and feel of the website lend credibility?

The Internet has become the resource to find medical or health care information. Nearly everyone begins his or her search for medical information with Google, Yahoo, Bing or another search engine. In preparing each free, customized search engine marketing assessment, Sujay looks at the key components to getting one’s site indexed in the search engines and found by one’s target audience. The assessment also looks at whether website visitors are converting into opportunities, and if not, will tell you why. The recommendations contained in sujay’s assessment are customized and specific to your individual website.

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