02 February 2010

The Art and Science of an Online Marketing

Art and science of marketingIn an advent of digital world, business strategies have been shifted towards more interactive, demand driven and consumer oriented business models. Marketers should think very informatively and out of box to create buzz around their target audiences. Prompted by volatile new consumer trends, convoluted media landscapes, and increasing pressure for accountability of every marketing dollar spent, marketers today are under the guns as never before today.

A separation between art and science has long prevailed with the gap becoming wider in recent history thanks to the trend of growing specialization, i.e., focusing peoples’ talents on smaller and smaller areas of expertise. Art science is a concept initiated by David Edwards (professor of Biomedical Engineering at Harvard university) to foster the joining of art and sciences practices, thinking and methodologies. According to Edwards, when people from both backgrounds work and think together and intermediate zone of creativity and breakthrough occurs.

  • Identifying the right marketing artist and marketing scientist who can be the bottom bricks of your online marketing campaign.
  • Define clear responsibilities for each art science marketing team, either on the branding, strategic or marketing research.
  • Arm both of the artist and scientist with the right tools and methodologies. Each will be very different from the other, but together they should complement each other to form a more successful online marketing campaign.
  • Give the art science marketers freedom to redefine marketing planning process of your organization.
  • An art and science marketing approach really change the way of your marketing communication which help to create differentiation marketing buzz and instant face value to your brand.