17 May 2010

Digital Hawk

Digital HawkThe theme of D-HAWK (Online Branding Blog | Digital Branding and Internet Marketing Strategy) is based on Special Military Mission. The Creative Kida (Instinct) has never allowed me to settle for an ordinary and regular work. I am on a Mission, A Mission to face off Digital Branding Concepts, Lateral Thinking, Usability and it’s Applications to Strategic Online Marketing. The D stands for Digital and Hawk is stand for (a person) - Hunt game with a trained HAWK. D - HAWK is intended to provide a semi-permanent point in time snapshot and manifestation of the various memes running around my brain, and as such any thoughts and opinions expressed within out-of-date posts may not the same, nor even similar, to those I may hold today.

Armed with the right digital marketing weapons, digital & online marketer need to work on digital brand engagement mission. Digital brand engagement is brand engagement with a key focus on communication via the web, digital brand positioning and brand extension strategy play an important role in strategic internet marketing. Everyone from individual to Fortune 500 corporate continue to communicate to their markets (the people they wish to interact with) in a push marketing or broadcast manner. The digital age has evolved and people/consumers can now be very selective about which brands they choose to interact with. Such mediums on the internet including blogs, micro-blogs, forums, social networks, groups within social networks, bookmarking sites, imagery and video sites can all be utilized by consumers; and they are doing just this in their thousands.

Digital Branding ExpertDigital Brands agents can take notice of what is being said about them, their product or service by monitoring chit chat taking place outside of their own website, through "buzz monitoring" tools. The value of the digital information provided is proportional to the time and expertise dedicated to configuring and analyzing the data provided. This value can be increased further when the buzz monitoring data is correlated with on site web analytic data. It's important to listen and observe the buzz, and analyze its impact prior to digital branding & engaging.

D - HAWK undertake following secret mission:
  • Marketing Intelligence & Competitor Analysis
  • Website and Brand Audit
  • Guerrilla Marketing Action Plan
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Setup
  • Digital Branding (Inception to Engagement)