05 July 2010

My six month affiliate management journey

Well, it’s been quite a while since I have written regularly on my blog. I basically decided to stop writing on my blog since Feb, so I could put more attention on my job responsibility. But I am now in a position to start writing regularly again. Let me share with you what has been going on in my time off.

When our management was decided to put affiliate marketing responsibility on my young shoulder (the ex affiliate manager was left two month back and new executive was not from pure affiliation background), program showing an exact reverse trend in terms sales performances. An affiliate portfolio of monthly £ 100K continuously failed down up to £ 18k.

The enormous challenges like affiliate communication, affiliate financial, program updates, creative building and many more, standing in front of like a Goliath. The main challenge was how to integrate all the available resources in vertical way, to push them towards one common goal. The tracking system was performed in the worst way like reordering bug, content management and database management. Site manager was on their toes, the remaining half financial year will keep them really busy and under pressure to chase missed target due to Reductil ban and few other internal down falls. Being an affiliate marketing guy, I was more concern about my affiliates and their earnings.

The first step was taken by me, to release all pending payments of affiliate as soon as possible, them start to communication all super affiliate and understood the problem faced by them in course of last six month related to program. Mean time working with our developer and Affiliate pro guys on tracking software, and rebuild the system within 5 days. Then turn towards mass communication process. One of our site manager was against the transparency, i want to keep with my affiliate regarding tracking problem and payment issues, but i was very firm and focused. With our first official Newsletter, I was focused on the messed which was happed in past,on the same time I assured them on better performance, communication and support in near future

Mean time I was forced my team to work on fresh design for both interface as well as on creative s to made our program entirely new. Though our CEO want me to start recruiting new affiliate, I was decided to rejuvenate relationship with my old worriers and make them earners. This strategy gonna clicked and within short period of time we again picked up the business. That time I was decided to chase small small affiliates not for the big one. That strategy shows a very promising result as the number of earners increased day by day. Being an affiliate marketing guy i am always stress on statistics and figures. I was Force my team to collect each small small activities and report it in such a way that we can able to devise a strong strategy for near future.

Affiliate Marketing Sales
Throughout this six months journey, I was learnt a lot in terms of how to handle affiliate relations and communication, working with top level management, working with technical and artistic staff and how to manage financial goals.

Guys it's time to remind my financial guys to work on pay date cause we are facing little trouble with wire transfer for USA and Indian affiliates, I need to stop story here, Will get back to you very soon with fresh topic "how to develop a communication loop with affiliates"