06 July 2010

Social networking is really work for B2B?

A lot has been said and discussed how social networking boom has change the business enviro, even the perception of your stake holders over the time. I am more concern about B2B segment context to social networking. While managing more than 15k affiliates with a huge networks it's really difficult me to update them regularly on small small changes we has been implemented, i preferrably used Twitter and Facebook to intimate them on next payment release date, new banner additions, product out of stock etc etc....

Today I has received one of my super affiliate email over the facebook invitation,

"Hi Jay,

I just checked my Facebook account. Sorry that I had to reject your friends request.

Don't get me wrong, it has nothing to do with you but I do not mix business and my private/hobby things.

I hope you understand ;-)


That email push me on no man's land, social networking is really help any more to maintain B2B relationship, when the competitor's watch dog always in search to traced you and your promotional activity.

You have to find your own answer, I have been found mine ---- :)