19 September 2010

Gmail Priority Inbox

Gmail apps have recently launch priority inbox option. The application has build on a very good mechanism, which is a higher degree of priority in user’s perspective.

This priority inbox application is working on gmail users activity like which email has open reply and most likely read. According to users preferences and choices priority inbox will work. The automatic sorting of important message is one of the best advantages of this application. Even user can segregate their emails according to activity like read, unread, starred and everything else. Over the time user’s priority box work intelligently as expected result and priority of users.

The priority box mechanism is totally designed and develops users behaviors and logical actions perform while using gmail apps. As users will do more priorities their activity, which they would like to receive in near future.

Defiantly there are few limitations for this applications cause technology cannot map the human brains and decision-making process thoroughly. The priorities will be changes according to time frame and situations. So due not expect your priority box work 100% correct and sense what will be your future priority that you has been holding so far.