04 September 2010

Indian Millennial Consumer

I have been working continuously for last two and half year since I have done my MBA. After putting down my paper with my last assignment, I have decided to take a long break.

The first week has been past now; yesterday I had received a call from my school friend. In causal talk, she was asked me what you are doing this days to pass the time, this question is really meaning less if you asked an online marketer, Passing time on internet is really that much difficult or boring Ohhh !!! I do not do anything that doesn’t mean I am not doing anything :)

Being an alert online marketer, these days I am researching on Video Optimization. When I was searching good video promotional tips on YouTube, I have come across with Monster’s sponsored advertisement, Ohh my god!!! Rapchik, Fandu, Hot, Aflatuen and many more praises for this Advertisements.

Monster India, What the point of choices, if they don’t work for you!!!

To my utter surprise this is a masterpiece of an example how to engage Millennial Consumers. I had written down on Millennial Consumers topic almost year back and suggested to Marketing Strategist do not ignore this consumer segment if you would have a very long brand promotional planning (Parle Agro’s Mango Fruity is the best marketing case how to grow a brand along with your target segment and their growth aspects)

Millennia’s, also known as Gen Y, are the current market for many brands, and the future market for the rest. Millennia’s are different from other generations. They love brands, but dislike advertising and marketing. They communicate constantly, but are an elusive marketing audience. They have higher expectations of personalization from the brands they choose to buy. They are as likely to be influenced by the time and place of a message as by the content.

Through this search, I come across with few more video’s that won the heart of every age group and target audiences really enjoyed a lot to watch those commercials on Television even on an online. Here are few of them !!!

KIT KAT Break Banta Hai! Squirrel Dance on Mr India’s tune!!!

New Cadbury Dairy Milk - Shubh Aarambh. !!!

I am strongly believe after watching this video’s the consumers connection with respective brands and products has been getting very stronger and they look forward for next step which would be a “Call of Action”

Lessons: -
  • To Engage Millennia’s, Be Meaningful, Be Quick, and Be Shiny!
  • To understand how and why marketing is changing, it’s essential to understand people under 30, the Millennia’s
  • They are optimistic, diverse, and digitally connected. They seek personal relationships and experiences. They are careful shoppers and ethical buyers who expect ready information, free services and sensitivity to the greater goods, especially in areas of Lifestyle, Professional Education and Luxury. They are loyal when loyalty is earned.
No More Philosophy, It’s time to Shubh Aarambh. !!!

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KIT KAT Break Banta Hai! Squirrel Dance on Mr India’s tune!!!

Monster India, What the point of choices, if they don’t work for you!!!