26 September 2010

The Pay Per Click Work Cycle

PPC Work CycleThe rhythm of the work on PPC is followed by the effort put in a logical activities like key word research, ad copy management and landing page optimization, which are changes over the duration of the work.

For the new PPC campaigns, what takes the most time are keyword generation, grouping and bidding. In later stages the landing page optimization become the primary focus.

Bids and targets are critical elements. Big changes to a campaign will require changes to bidding and targeting. Unless there are huge mistakes in meeting the needs and expectations of visitors, ads and landing pages will typically have a smaller effect on a campaign. Improving the performance of PPC requires accurate tracking of campaigns and comparison of CTRs, CPCs, conversion rates and cost per conversion.

The efforts and time matrix shows an in-depth work cycle behaviors and the changing phases with respect to variables. Once the PPC campaign touches the expected CTRs it will suggest you, how to proceed further with landing page optimization to increase the conversion ratio. The customer acquisition cost is always a very crucial factor in PPC campaign; the triangular phase in between three variables is the ideal time for any ppc campaign. Few times over optimization will create huge chaos for ad manager, in such cases you need to rewrite ad copies and keyword strategies according website life cycle.

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