17 May 2011

Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook Marketing Stragegy
Planning Face Book Marketing Campaign via fan-page is a very crucial and complex process. Many online marketers jumping into Face book fry pan without knowing their online business objectives and expected outcome from face book fan-page marketing campaign. The functionality of Face book fan-page, face book groups activity and member's accounts or viral processes need to understand by online marketer is a very essential. Face book has changed fan page functionality quite often, marketer need to consider this in account while designing Face book fan-page Marketing Campaign.
  • Goal: Your Face book Campaign Goal
  • Objectives: What are your Face book Marketing Campaign Objectives
  • Core Mechanics: How you planned to do Face book Marketing Campaign
  • Impact: On various marketing matrix Planning
Phase I: Teaser and Recruitment Campaign:
  • Design and Develop Face book Fan page according to your marketing campaign, marketing objectives and your product or services characteristics.
  • Define your tier I, II, III, IV and community leader accounts, fill this accounts profile in such a way that people find it more close to your offering niche.
  • Start teaser campaign through all account and attract more and more filtered target audience. Be friend with them, Invite them to like fan page and share more entertaining information with them.Use Ambush Marketing tactics and joined competitors fan page and groups. Teasing fans to challenge them to participate in dialogue.
Phase II: Engagement Campaign
  • Push your tier I and II account to put your services links on their walls and like each others. Merge Face book Places with your Face book Fan-Page.
  • This ensures that anyone who has “Liked” your Face book Page will be connected to your Places Page (polls, photos, discussion etc); it enables you to manage offers, links, status updates and more from one location; and adds new features such as gifts and contest to your main Face book Fan-Page.
  • Community Leader need to start dialogue on fan page wall and tier III and IV accounts need to act on in favor sharing and likes on their wall to spread more and more viral effect Once you accomplished your fist target (no of fans) you need to start sending them PM about your campaign offers or contest.
Phase III: Giveaway Campaign:Facebook Fanpage Marketing Strategy
  • Gifts or other rewards you need to put into act and spread this word on your wall. This will increase your credibility among your fans
  • Smartly integrate contest in such a way that your fan push their friends to start participating on your contents and directly challenge his her friend
  • The Giveaway Campaign need to integrated very smartly with your services or product offering. Lead generation need to push into conversion funnel
  • The recommendation and testimonials need to publish on your fan-page wall, always ready for constructive criticism. Bad word also work to spread viral more strongly, convert them into your followers
Task Force: Role & Responsibility
  • Community Manager – Fan Page owner and two more Face book account will take care about community engagement activity and wall post monitoring activity.
  • Tier I & II - Five Face book accounts who drive traffic towards DSIJ Fan-page, push external communities, bring them on board, fulfill their social recognition thrust.
  • Tier III & IV – Eight virtual accounts who join competitors Fan-page and groups, invite filtered audience to like your Fan-page.
  • Teaser to Giveaway Campaign need to integrate and allocate to all Face book account.
The process of Face book Marketing campaign is little difficult due to high volatility of surfer and interest semantics cut through awareness to consideration phase. Smart Marketer can make the wonders out of Face-book Marketing Campaign. Play Well !!!