02 May 2011

Stock Market Game

Stock Market Game Ohh My Ghosh !!!

It's been eight months now, I haven't put any updates here on online marketing guru. You guys might be thinking that this blog is one more example of dead e-widgets or bla bla ....

Even I felt very sorry for the same, honestly now onwards I will try to be active on this media to interact with you guys .... Since last eight month I have had a great experience with Gambling Industry and my own affiliate marketing project, it has been touched new heights .. (6K GBP earn since last six months !!)

My New assignment with DALAL Street Investment Journal as Deputy Manager Online Marketing offer me an immense opportunity to learn businesses from the basics, know how the economy works, how Indian stock market works and .. bla bla. Finance was the most hated subject when I was in business school.

Now my daily work start with stock market trading tips, stock market high low, Intra-day tips, stock analysis, Indian IPO and many more. Initially I was very confused and started to read various stock market books etc... that one doesn't give me enough hold on subject. Then I am decided to try my hand on online virtual stock market game.

Cherry on the top DALAL Street Investment Journal's Stock Market Challenge game is available on Facebook, I am amazed and started playing on it, The DSIJ Market Challenge game is really essay to understand. Dalal Street Investment Journal Stock Market Challenge is an online simulation trading game where you create and manage your own portfolio and compete with other players in a risk-free environment.

Whether you're new to the stock markets or an experienced investor, this is a powerful tool for building share marketing skills, evaluating and tuning your stock strategy, and gaining important Indian share market investing experience. Stock Market Challenge is free and easy to use. Simply buy stocks to build your initial portfolio. Continue to track the market and keep an eye on your portfolio to grab opportunities provided etc. Access financial information on stocks to get better insight on its potential and fundamentals.

Every challenger is assigned Rs 10,00,000 play money in the beginning. The objective is to maximize this amount by intelligently and smartly investing in the Indian Stock Market. Each player is pit against each other and his/her performance determines how the person is doing via-a-vis others.

I would like to suggest you guys to try your hands before directly jump on share marketing rat race ... It's really worth to invest your time to learn from game to avoid financial losses. Good Play !!