18 May 2011

Meethe mein kya hai?

Sweet CelebrationYesterday night after dinner, we were enjoying IPL4 season. All of our family members seat across each other in the hall, in between match strategic time out Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement was aired "Meethe mein kya hai?" All of us suddenly busted in a huge laugh, cause that night we had Lauki ki subjji and most of the family members of mine hate ... Laukki .. he he

Being an brand marketing guy, The marketing KiDA never allowed me to sleep quietly. The campaign analysis started crunching my brain since that incident. Last year I analyzed Indian Millennial Consumer focused on "Cadbury Dairy Milk - Shubh Aarambh Campaign". This time I have decided to pen down more in-depth analysis of Meethe mein kya hai? - advertisement of Cadbury Dairy Milk .

Here are few Market Insights:
  • Size of confectionery market in India - Rs 4,500 crore
  • Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) - 15 %
  • Cadbury Market Share - 70-73 %
  • Best Brand - Dairy Milk share 30 %
  • Opportunity - Indian Millennial Consumer's Purchasing Power
  • Treat - Nestle might enter in market with aggressive positing
  • Chocolate penetration in India - 6-7%
Let's entertain our selfs, before Jumping on marketing gimmicks and stats

Enough stats, let's move over in depth analysis of "Meethe mein kya hai?" Findings:
  • Traditional Indian joint family, family members are quite busy with their daily home related work.
  • Food preparation by own hand is quite close to Indian womens (not talking about modern hanky gals)
  • Actually the young lady does not refer her Mother-in-law as "Karela, Lauki". She just gives a blunt reply to her husband for trying to do small talk because his mother is around. Once his mother moves away, he tries to be his normal naughty self. This ad has an extremely traditional albeit clean feeling. The Daughter-in-law has utmost respect for her elders.
  • There is also a sexual undertone...the guys is asking if he can get some action after dinner :)
  • The purpose or motto behind joint family serve the exact action and generate the mood of every family member.
  • The extended adverts - Meethe mein kuch meetha ho jaaye is also serve it's purpose
  • Creative Director: Abhijit Avasthi, Ogilvy India
Here are few old Cadbury advertisment campagin- “Khane ka bahana”, "Pappu pas ho gay", "Miss Palampur", “Pehli tareekh”, "Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye", "Shubh Aarambh” ...

Cadbury have been changed it's positioning from “Khane ka bahana” to "Meethe mein kya hai", i think it's still serve the main purpose ‘Kuch meetha ho jaaye’ credit goes to creative director for his deep understanding of product characteristics and target audience psychology. The positioning, I must say reposition strike the exact chord. When 4p's asked Abhijit about his understanding and origin of idea he explained "The brand has made itself synonymous with desserts and quite successfully too – by positioning itself into everyday situations that are quite endearing. This change in track (in terms of positioning) allows Cadbury to reinvent itself and appeal to a younger audience. Cadbury keep suggesting to consumers reasons and occasions to have kuch meetha (Cadbury Dairy Milk).”

"In India sweets are symbols of festivity and happiness and a lot goes into preparing and serving them. Cadbury Dairy Milk has tried to capture the essence, the flavor and nitty-gritty of the mithai moments, building itself on the back of a widely followed custom and familiar rituals. By continuously honing the strategic communication behind the brand’s eloquent campaigns and commercials and through insightful product innovations, Cadbury Dairy Milk has succeeded in devising more ways to increase consumption and become a healthier choice of replacement to the traditional sweets."

If a 30 sec Ad makes u remember it 30 times a day....It must be the best...and Cadbury has set itself as a measuring threshold about Ads quality...the art of enjoying chocolate.

Chalo yaaro ab to Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye ... !!