15 May 2011

Post Panda Effects on EzineArticles

Ezine Postpanda EffectEvery action of Google seen to fall into one of three main categories, Innovating, Changing, or Moving. I am not surprised at all, the change process adopted by Ezinearticels is consider as a late wake up call .. Better Late Than Never (In hindi … Der se Aaye par Durust Aaye) The Google’s post panda update hitting very hard to all link farming portals. EzineArticles.com is the one of them.

EzineArticles is the first who acted very fast with furious adopting changes, enter in to dragon fire with a innovative marketing plan (Facebook Adverts); try to please users and first time not for Google. Just take a look at new http://ezinearticles.com/, and analyze site navigation, content structure, incorporated social media, which result in to ease of information to increase content consumption which drives more page views and average time on site. That’s what Google want and which is the driving force for future online marketing.

I like the new concept of EzineArticles http://ezinearticlesformula.com/ (Learn from the best.... Become a better writer.) The heading of this special landing page is “Explore an Article Marketing Training System That Will Help You Build Credibility With Your Customers and Drive a Ton of Traffic to Your Website.”

ezinearticles formula

The deeper analysis of this statement it self suggest that what kind of strategy do every webmaster needs to adopt to avoid Google blacklist rave. To build Credibility to Drive a Ton of Traffic.. ..Suggest everything, First thing First adopted by E zine. This program is an effort to drag out all weeds in farm linking and mushrooming useful content library, which benefit EzineArticles.com a lot … that’s why EzineArticles + Forumula .com birth has got and Ezine taking efforts to build and improve writing skills of writers.

Always keep in mind.. ..“The harder you fall, the higher you need to bounce.”