18 July 2011

Brand “SEX” - Advertising Trends

Since my last post on “Methe Mai Kya Hai” I haven't post anything here on Brand Hawk so far, Quite busy with SMM&O stuff, along with new web project for my organization, where I have been digging in more depth about web psychology and content inventory model. But I have kept checking daily analytics of all my blogs and websites, Ohh my god my Brand Hawk blog traffic has been increased by 1000% since last two month. Amazingly, I come to know that what people search about their beloved brand, I am totally CRACKED >> Take a look on it, you also think twice for a moment.
Sex may not be overt (though it often is – look at video clips), but it’s implicit in the campaign: the call methin me kya hai, along with naughty smile of young female model won the heart of audience. Here is the Brand + SEX effect has play an important role. Don’t believe for a moment that this is natural. On the contrary, it’s a deliberate, carefully planned strategy designed with target market knowledge and brand positioning and for the purpose of making a teaser.

In recent time all leading AD agencies in India playing around SEX tricks and associated their brands with physical terrain, managing perception now extends to cyberspace and beyond. I get the brand’s story of freedom, aspiration and superiority that’s all great. However there is a distinct difference between inspirational living and encouraging us to act on primal instincts without reservation or inhibition.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone just acted on their feelings without restraint or concern for their actions?

The Brand association with physical terrain is very common, watch any deodorant , Cosmetic and personal care AD, you will easily analyses the gimmicks. So far the consumer durables and food products manage a safe distance from BRAND Sex, but recent trends have just cranked the POT. Do not surprised if more FMCG or Consumer durables come along with Brand SEX in near future. Prepare your self and our family to watch such commercials.