29 August 2011

Brand Anna Hazare - Branding & Marketing Process

I AM ANNA HAZARE, which is Buzz & Brand word around the nation. Since last two weeks each Indian individual life has been churning out by the impact of Brand Anna. On the political front of India this event consider as the largest mass participation movement after the independence for social cause. Who won who lose, what achieved, what was expected and what will reflect in near future, the detail analysis has been done by experts and they are on their toes.

The hidden marketing KIDA has started crunching my memes and pushing me very hard to analyze this event in BRAND perspective since long time. 

The process of building the Brand Anna Hazare has adopted the typical way of branding and marketing. The Brand Anna has went through each phase of branding process, might be unintentionally (Expert NGO playing important marketing role here) but there is a marketing science behind this brand building and brand success. My in depth analysis has arrived on following findings.

Brand Anna Hazare

In near future the biggest challenge in front of Brand Anna is the BRAND EXTENSION, The intensity tempo and SLEPT (social, legal, economical, political & technological) environment might change their direction & Brand Positioning. The competitors might trying to adopt aggressive marketing & combat strategy against Brand Anna, they might push them to eliminate few inherent properties or might be push to adopt new one. How will the entire change process handle by the BRAND ANNA itself is very crucial process in near future for to The Brand Extension & Brand Success.