29 September 2011

No Kidding, No Worries - Flipkart Brand Positioning

No Kidding, No Worries, the recent advertising and branding campaign of Flipkart is a unique example of “Trap Them Young”.  An in-depth analysis of recent advertisement campaign of Flipkart strongly conveys Indian youth’s sentiments and their desire.  The story board of adverts, feature kids in adult situations (context to adult voice overs), like a beauty parlor, a cafe, and an office. The Hinglish language & the happening places is the heart of No Kidding, No Worries advertisement series.  The creative director succeeds to keep KOOLNESS of Brand Flipkart.

In recent years no single upcoming brand is really concern about their future, they just wanted to cash the current situation. In the decade of 1980-1990, Parle Agro smartly positioning “Mango Frooti” as a kid drink, now those kids are grown up, and Mango Frooti too along with them.  What Mango Frooti enjoyed now … without a question BRAND LOYALITY, What a smart brand positioning, "Trap Them Young”. Brand should think ahead of time while designing Brand Architecture, positioning can be change along with time and brand age.

Here are few takes from No Kidding, No Worries advertisement campaign.

Case I - No Kidding, No Worries. (Cafe):  Catch Line - Wi fy mila to nichod lega kya
  • Techno savvy youth, wish to get basic infrastructural services and info free of cost.  Online shopping crazy ordering Mp3 cherry on the top 30 day replacement guarantee. 
Case II - No Kidding, No Worries. (Office): Catch Line -Magar Sagar Koun  ‘My DAD Re’
  • Workaholic youths holding decision and purchase power but respect parents wish (trends in today’s teenager). A sturdy look towards bypassing babe (flirting character). Old school guy –option available them for COD.
Case III - No Kidding, No Worries. (Parlour): Catch Line - Laptops or boyfriend badalte raho
  • Not scared to buy high end product online, Change is the only permanent thing in life so for gadget.  Original products original guarantee –trust factor and assurity really matter to them. 
Nine months back Flipkart Goes for Rebranding though brand is just a five year old.  This new brand positioning places them in radar of advent TG.  Credit goes to Happy Creative Services creative agency and creative directors: Kartik Iyer, Praveen Das.

Agency: Happy Creative Services
Creative Directors: Kartik Iyer, Praveen Das.
Copywriter: Naren Kaushik M
Art director: Anuja Singhal
Account management: Ruchika Chaudhry, Neelima Kariappa
Strategy: Ravi Bhat
Production house: Footcandles
Director: Ayappa