05 October 2011

Digital Brand Positioning

Pepsi Online Branding
In recent years we have been observed evolutions of new online business models and their growth stories along with efforts and beans they have been pouring for their Digital Brand Positioning. Even traditional business models now days fighting for their digital market share and digital brand positioning. The recent news, “single letter web addresses fetch huge sum in domain name auction”. (Facebook, Google and Mercedez Benz were among big name companies that bid in an auction of pithy new UK domain names - 39000 GBK for single Letter?)  Why every single organization ready to pay for their digital identity? If you are a marketer (even a stone age) ask this question to yourself.

The digital brand which driven by emotions, driven by protection, driven by rationality, driven by attractiveness leaves big footprints in your TG’s mind. The process of digital brand positioning here onward is little simple but more challenging in terms of dealing with change factors (SLEPT). In recent year into Indian digital space few business models crafting success stories with their smart brand positioning like MoneyControl.com, Naukri.com, ibibo.com, Shaadi.com etc. They are smart movers, they has sensed digital trends quite early, devised smart indigenous digital brand and position it smartly. Naukri, Shadi … wow they are the best.  I am still remembering the launch campaign of ibibo.com, how they adapted traditional media channel (offline marketing) to generate their digital brand awareness in the year of 2007, what a smart digital brand positioning…

Pepsi’s refresh project crafted by Shiv Singh, (Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages) good example of smart digital brand positioning.  In 2010, Pepsi launched the Pepsi Refresh project. This ground breaking project encouraged participants to contribute ideas and innovations that intended to have a positive impact on local communities. Winners received grants of $5,000 to $250,000 to see their ideas come to life. A smash hit, the project garnered more than 87 million votes (that's more votes than any presidential candidate in history), generated more than 183,000 ideas, and resulted in millions of unique visitors per month.

With this, Pepsi learned that:
  • Leveraging physical and digital is the new Holy Grail.
  • Every brand is in the media business because every brand is a content creator.
  • Engagement wins when there are multiple levels of engagement.
  • Revolutionary technologies are delivering scale like never before.
Consumer media consumption patterns and the ways masses form relationships with their digital brands need to learn by every brand evangelist for long lasting digital brand positioning.