23 December 2011

Integrated Marketing Channel for E Commerce Business

Indian e commerce industry have sense the brightest future ahead. Lot of new online e commerce business models has been entered into an Internet forays, I don’t blame them but the waves seems like tsunami. Most of the online business models entrepreneur do not make their home work properly and dive in a foray with out analyzing type of revenue generation channel available online and offline for them. 

I wouldn't like to criticize their business ideas or haven't a question mark against their faith on business offerings. But they need to understand how to promote their business online for targeted ROI by the help of Integrated Marketing Channel. IMC includes the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, and sources into a seamless program in order to maximize the impact on end users at a minimal cost.

New dot com’s have been producing just number of clicks by PPC to convince their Venture Capitalist for more funding. Have they bother about ROI or they just want a instant buzz around their BABY BRAND, god knows better. I have researched on top 5 Indian e commerce sites and 5 new e commerce business models and their integrated marketing spending. 

The above analysis shows that, Indian e commerce business hardly bother about affiliate marketing, organic search and social media. Situation is more worse for new e commerce businesses. One of my best friend, has been managing more than 25 best e commerce paid search account. I was shocked when I come to know that  most of the e commerce business spends millions just for producing odd number of clicks. Most of the account manager fool around their organizations or entrepreneur’s do not want to analyze integrated marketing channel further more.

An Ideal integrated marketing channel for any e commerce business model applicable for Indian context should be like this one.

The balancing act between integrated marketing channel provide you the best conversion with maximum ROI. Online business entrepreneur in India must take Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing Channel seriously. Being an online business entrepreneur you should need to analyze your online business model life cycle and applicable integrated marketing channel efficiently. 

Few day backs I have tried my best to explain the process of Affiliate Marketing Business Model in merchant prospective s.