24 January 2012

Digital Marketing for BSE Listed Companies

Digital Marketing for BSE Listed Companies
Indiabulls Group new commercial featured Saif Ali Khan; WOW, what a concept must say they kill two birds with one stone.  The motto of this advertisement is not just to target home loan retail customers but to show equity investors how big and visionary Indiabulls Group is. Why BSE listed companies need to showcase their activity through creative marketing channel or branding?

Last year around 39 companies opt for IPO and most of them have been perform worst including giant L&T finance holding. The reason is not just their fundamental are poor, but somehow they failed to grab attention of retail investors. Even though your product and services have not created for masses, you need to build your brand image to spread the awareness in retail investors. This day’s lot of retail investors  expose to digital media through different channel, beginners in equity market adopt digital channel to consume BSE listed companies information, performance & reviews.  They made their equity investing decision not just on the basis of technical & fundamental analysis but how vibrant and visionary listed company is.

Why India bulls featured “BIG BRAND SAIF” in their advert, shows group journey from real estate to power and financial services which ends with the note of “Three Businesses – A United Vision”.  Even Muthoot finance has featured Akshay Kumar in their advert series to promote their money lending retail business against gold. Research shows that branding promotions efforts increase brand awareness of muthoot finance in the retail investors. Does it really impact on investors decisions? According to the Psychology of Marketing, brand impact help call to action a lot. When investor come to know about BSE listed company’s activity somewhere else rather than traditional channel they have started researching on listed company’s fundamentals and future plans.

Lot of fundamentally good mid cap stocks like Rushil D├ęcor, Lovable Lingeries, Jubilant Foodworks, Jain Irrigation, Welspun Corp unable to leverage retail investor’s faith just due to their unknown brand. The BSE listed companies are huge even though they are into B2C market somehow fail to attract retail investor’s attention.

Why digital marketing for BSE listed companies?
  • Viral Ability of Digital Media
  • Young Investor’s  Consume Digital Content –“TAP Them Young”
  • Small Marketing Budget
  • Better ROI
  • Reputation Management
  • Better  Public Relations & Two Way Communication
In near future if you see more creative advertising and branding tactics adopted by BSE listed companies do not surprised, it’s the necessity of advent digital media.