23 January 2012

SEO Training in Pune

As an advent of digital media more and more job openings for online marketers specifically fpr Search engine optimizer and PPC experts are available in Pune.  As a part of SEO faculty for reputed institutes in Pune, I have come across with lot of new SEO aspirant, fresh graduates, sales and marketing professionals who would like to learn search engine optimization techniques.  I have really appreciated their thirst to learn SEO from professional or experts. Do they really look after their SEO trainer experience, educational background, marketing knowledge etc?

Search Engine Optimization is not every one’s cup of tea, a person who has worked with different niche, who have hands on marketing and branding, whose ability to understand complex business process is an ideal person for your SEO training.  A search engines changes, their algorithm strategy, their retrieval query processes according to individual search habit to understand and practically apply is very difficult by ordinary SEO Executive. Analyzing search Engine statuses, future search trends and proactively act on those finding is the best example of visionary SEO trainer.

These days lot of private and institutional coaching classes mushrooming in Pune for SEO Training.  SEO training will fruitful once your SEO trainer took SEO case study and explain with examples according to students understanding level.  The website audit process need to be explained along with standard SEO reporting templates is the key to success in the search engine optimizer career.   The free tools and techniques really make a huge difference in between ordinary SEO executives and advent SEO executives.

Smart marketing research along with competitor analysis is the base of any SEO project. An online reputation management by the help of Social Media Marketing and Optimization really help a lot to any SEO process or SEO project.  A SEO trainer should be well versatile in online marketing tools just like Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization etc.  While choosing your SEO training program, do a little research about your SEO faculty and ask him about course structure and his commitment.

While teaching SEO and affiliate marketing at Learning Catalyst I have come across with lot of new SEO learner cases.  Through my professional experience and marketing skills I have try my best to train those SEO aspirant with latest SEO trends and DO and DON’T for SEO projects.  I have always encourage my student to think like a Brand father and ask them to give marketing treatment to their SEO project with out of the box solutions.

If you are looking for SEO training or coaching in Pune then kindly gets in touch with me for free SEO counseling, I am more than happy to help you every possible way.